4 Small Victorian Moulds

Code: E18068     Dimensions:W 8.2cm (3.2")H 7cm (2.8")D 8.2cm (3.2")

£375.00 the set or £95.00 each

A good set of 4 Victorian, small, copper moulds. There are no manufacturers marks but each one is marked with a pattern number '561' and they date from c.1880. The design is one which is often seen in larger moulds but this is an unusual size for this particular design. It consists of eight small, dome topped columns which are divided by stylised leaves. They are all in excellent condition and the tinning, to the interior, is in very good condition, so they could still be used. Although we are displaying them as a set they can be purchased individually.
Price includes postage within the U.K.  Shipping to the U.S.A.  add £10.  Western Europe  add £5.

4 Small Victorian Moulds
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