Cornish Kitchen Ware Jars

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£168.00 the set.

A set of three, blue and white banded,  kitchen storage jars. Each jar has a black printed mark which reads 'CORNISH KITCHEN WARE' in a shield, with 'T.G. GREEN & Co Ltd MADE IN ENGLAND' in a ribbon above the shield. These date from c.1930  and they were very popular items in their day. They came either with the name of the item to be stored, printed in black on the exterior or you could buy plain examples, just with the blue bands. These three are printed with 'GROUND RICE' , 'BARLEY' and 'SUGAR'. They are all in excellent condition. These range in size from the largest which is  13.5cm. diameter by 16.5cm. high to the smallest which is 10cm diameter by 12.5cm high.
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Cornish Kitchen Ware Jars
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