Shower Gel - White Jasmine - 300ml

Code: 002340

Dimensions:W: 7.3cm (2.9")H: 17.6cm (6.9")D: 4.7cm (1.9")


WHITE JASMINE SHOWER GEL - An agreeable texture and smooth mousse that gently cleans the skin. After the shower the skin remains discreetly scented.

This fragrance is a celebration of an emblematic flower that is the symbol of beauty and romanticism. Its intoxicating scent evokes an armful of voluptuous white flowers lit by the radiance of musky and slightly fruity notes.

  • paraben-free 
  • phenoxyethanol-free
  • free of sodium laureth sulfate 
  • silicon-free 
  • Durance does not test on animals 

300ml 10.14 fl.oz

Made in France

Shower Gel - White Jasmine - 300ml